Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wikipedia Pages I Have Created

Sometimes I make Wikipedia articles. Usually I just write a few lines, and then other people who I don't even know will add stuff to make the articles better. Here are the Wikipedia articles I have made:

Hob Broun - Novelist who wrote his last two books by blowing air through a tube
Elspeth Davie - Writer and wife of philosopher George Elder Davie
Rafael Bernal - Mexican Crime Novelist
At Night We Walk in Circles - Novel by Daniel Alarcón
Megan Ellison - Film producer & daughter of Oracle founder Larry Ellison
Carole Shammas - Historian & mother of musician Julia Holter
Change Nothing - Documentary about French Singer
Woes of the True Policeman - Novel by Roberto Bolaño
We the Animals - Novel by Justin Torres
Barravento - Directorial debut of Brazilian auteur Glauber Rocha
Wainy Days - Absurdist Web Series
Tim and Eric Nite Live! - Surreal Talk Show Web Series
ChronoZoom - Interactive Timeline
Generativity - Concept from philosophy and technology
Leftover Cuties - Los Angeles-based Indie Pop band
Hung at Heart - Album by the Leftover Cuties
Eric André - Comedian & host of Adult Swim's "The Eric Andre Show"
Nicolás Pereda - Mexican Filmmaker
Where Are Their Stories? - Directorial debut of Nicolas Pereda
Emperor Penguin - Chicago-based Electronic Music Duo