Wednesday, April 26, 2017

More Wikipedia Pages I've Created

A few years ago I shared a list of Wikipedia pages I've created. Well, I've written a bunch more since then and so I thought I'd do a bit of an update. And I may ask myself, Robbie, what are you doing with your life? I'm just having fun with it. Here they are:

The Faraway Nearby - A book by one of my favorite authors Rebecca Solnit. In this one she combines memoir, literary criticism, travelogue in another dazzling hybrid.

White Girls - Hilton Als' very peculiar collection of essays about notable white girls, including Truman Capote, Flannery O’Connor and of course Michael Jackson.

The Funkees - The Funkees were an afro-rock/funk group that came out of Nigeria in the 70s, contemporaneous with Fela Kuti but with tighter songwriting.

Day Wave - Day Wave is an indie rock band. Shhh don't tell Wikipedia's schoolmarmish editors but the members of the band are close friends of mine from school days.

Gabriel Joaquim dos Santos - This dude is a super cool outsider artist/architect who built a structure called The House of the Flower in Brazil.

Dominik Lang - He's a Czech installation artist. I saw an impressive work of his at Inhotim.

Joseph Crépin - Crépin was a crazy spiritualist outsider artist. I love outsider artists.

Gaston Chaissaic - Another outsider-y artist. Since creating this article, I got to see Chaissaic's work in person at the Centre Pompidou.

Bogosav Živković - A Serbian outsider artist-carpenter. He made sculpture out of wood, and I'm obssesed with his name. His first name especially pleases my ears when I hear it and brain when I think of it.

Wes Anderson's Directing Style - Okay, so I didn't create the article on Wes Anderson, but I did add a detailed discourse on his stylistic techniques as a filmmaker. 

Apocalyspe, girl - It's a really good album by Jenny Hval, that genius singer of feminist horror lullabies.

Kate Berlant - She is a very funny comedian. Go watch 555 right now.

Salomo Friedlaender - A weirdo expressionist German writer of grotesques and philosophical satires who published under the pseudonym 'Mynona' which is the German word for anonymous spelled backwards.

Multiple Choice - A really good and cool novel by Chilean prankster Alejandro Zambra. It feels as much like a collection of poetry and short stories as a novel, and it is very short. And good.

As before, I often publish only the seeds of a good Wikipedia article, and when the planets align other editors help it bloom into a real article much to my delight. In general, I've been trying to improve Wikipedia's coverage of outsider artists, as well as obscure, forgotten, neglected, abandoned, forsaken, unrecognized, unacknowledged, overshadowed, out-of-fashion authors, playwrights, filmmakers, performers, and artists of all kinds.