Tuesday, May 10, 2011

: Power Police : Merry Musicians :

The whole police department was up in arms when orchestra entered
They didn’t know which weapons were instruments
or which genders were ready to be blasted
So they lit themselves on fire.
But the building couldn’t burn.
It had been covered in plasticine material
/usually reserved for old-stile aeroplanes
that are protecting rational thinking stage actors from getting in
,too much trouble,
when they make mistakes in front of the conductor.

He screams and he screams and he doesn’t use words
because it would be confusing and pointless.
That is the nature of the police exercise.
They want to marry musicians
and be felt around the world
not those who share power among the best of us.
Power isn’t publicly traded.
/that is why the orchestra has a problem.

Each musician has an instrument that has a cat or a bird inside
But the birds are ostriches
/they are not the best of us.
But I most certainly am.
Don’t ever forget when you’re ready.
Don’t ever forget it.

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