Thursday, August 18, 2011


Father Malkin is neither Filipino nor a bay laurel,
but is actually the hated visitor to the local school.
When he comes around, all the teachers sit in their desks
and can only remember what they’re supposed to be doing.
Their leisure is eaten away without even a clear idea of what the time is.
That is disruptive.
"     " is why the father is not the son.
"     " is why the father connects with
the jewel and the spike.

The father always uses the tools at his disposal
He likes a bigger screen to keep all our seaweed
He likes two loves at once.
He likes the fun of contradiction.
He likes to make sure he’s alive.
He hates oxygen but loves air.
He jumps for joy whenever a snake bites the children.
But he always protects the boys down the street
from their parents’ unwilling unrewarding unaccepting
This is the true nature of protection.

When you can make choices that limit what others seek
to put forward as rules before you,
there is enough protection to go around for both the him and the her.
He doesn’t care whether she knows it’s protection.
She doesn’t know
"whether or not there are enough numbers in the day"
for it to be clear for tomorrow.
That is the problem that she has with the future.
But he doesn’t want to know about it.
He just wants to jump up and down while singing old pub tunes.
But he likes when he hears unusual noises.
And unusual noises come often when she makes no escape.

She repeats the same words over and over again
but Father Malkin can’t hear.
He’s outside of her and he can’t be there over and over again.
And outside of the him and the her and Father Malkin and children and boys is the police officer and the librarian.
The librarian beats the police officer in the head.
The librarian is at her dresser and she puts on new clothes
because there is political blood all over the old ones.
No one addresses the fact that the blood is too orange to be natural.
We only have pyramid schemes to blame.

(guitar chords, attempted distractions , and fondled flutes were all incorrect answers)

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