Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Undulating Earth

The two minute hate
the three hour fear
four instants of absolute nonsense
followed by...
an eternity of the itchiest frustration
an internal itch impossible to scratch
subsides and the three second orgasm comes next, in me, in me
fades away for there is
the lifelong nostalgia to worry about
only two shakes of lamb's tail before
"The Five Day Effective Efficiency Plan"
about "The Three Week Weight Loss Drug Bender"
Though neither can compare to
The Eight Moments He Felt Lonesome
Directed by Howard Hawks
or was it John Ford, I can't remember for more than
a few months at a time
The seven eon hoax
The nine century farce
The six millenia of abject terror
The one searing white hot ball of anger
praying for nuclear holocaust

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