Monday, November 7, 2011

Giggle Christ

Christian stoners united
a polymorphic Book of Hours
Sick cattle in Devonshire
Rainstorm on the outskirts of Bangkok
War in Equinoctial Kesh
These Christian stoners
will go just about anywhere
carrying Bibles
and bags of Cheetos
Hernia Outbreak in Tripplehorn County?
you best believe
Christian stoners got there already
playing their lutes
laughing in tongues
Spreading the good word
about the nature of that universe there

"Who are they?"
ask the newsmen
"Are they in cahoots with cartels?”
question the cops
"Why don't they go back where they came from"
bark the troglodytes
A fad that will pass
or a scene that lasts
Christian stoners will
carry the day
A joint for your troubles
A crucifix bong
for the suffering
the unlimited suffering
of strips of tortured flesh
thick sluggish blood
pain that grows greater
with each choice
so take another rip

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