Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The University of Flushing Toilets Online

Recently, the University of California Office of the President unveiled a new logo for the most prestigious public university system in the world. Since then, the logo has been met with near universal revulsion and outright disgust. It has been widely compared to a flushing toilet, or, more kindly, to one of those annoying loading icons that everyone loves to hate in this age of computers and attention deficits. In response, the fifteen-year-old girls at the UC Office of the President responded using Facebook, the average high schooler's public forum of choice:
Here's the thing: It's [the new logo] not replacing anything. There wasn't a logo before, and the UC seal isn't going anywhere. The symbol also isn't new. It's been on websites, brochures, advertising and other places for nearly a year now. Did we consult people and test it? Of course. Does everyone like the new symbol? No. That's very clear. But strong differences of opinion and energetic debate are part of what's made UC such an amazing [the flushing toilet logo] may evolve over time.
Does everyone like the new symbol? No. Does anyone like the new symbol? The designers sure do. Are they laughing all the way to the bank? Yes. Are we going to respond constructively to the overwhelmingly negative response to the toilet bowl icon we have foisted on the University of California like some turd of an overpaid corporate consultant? No. Does asking rhetorical questions make us sound as petulantly defensive as Donald Rumsfeld at a hostile Iraq War era press conference? You bet your sweet bibby it does!


  1. Thank you for existing.

  2. The only place I ever saw it was on the tab marker for the UC website and it looked totally fine. Did you ever see it in use? I feel like a hell of a lot of people didn't and didn't realize how normal this could be.