Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Top Ten Funniest Wikipedia Articles of All Time

Ariel Gardner asked me to contribute a top ten list to his top ten list blog. Go check it out, I promise you won't be disappointed. I compiled a list of the funniest Wikipedia articles that I have encountered. Number 4 on my list is Liver-Eating Johnson:
...[o]ne tale ascribed to Johnson[1][2] (while other sources ascribe it to Boone Helm[3]) was of being ambushed by a group of Blackfoot warriors in the dead of winter on a foray to visit his Flathead kin, a trip that would have been over five hundred miles (>800 Kilometers). The Blackfoot planned to sell him to the Crow, his mortal enemies, for a handsome price.[vague] He was stripped to the waist, tied with leather thongs and put in a teepee with an inexperienced guard outside. Johnson managed to chew through the straps, then knocked out his young guard with a punch to the face, took his knife and scalped him, then quickly cut off one of his legs.[dubious ] He made his escape into the woods, surviving by eating the Blackfoot's leg, until he reached the cabin of Del Que, his trapping partner, a journey of about two hundred miles...
I swear the Liver-Eating Johnson entry used to be even funnier and weirder but has been sanitized by the editors slavish devotion to objectivity. I can't find the earlier version that I read in the page history but if anyone finds a better version than the current one please drop me a line in comments.

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