Sunday, January 29, 2012

Will Alexander Visits the Archive to Study Biology

in this text I've seen
through Eros and abstraction

Let's write a speech about
creativity in the back seat of
a peach sedan: it reads as if
each of the frames is
contaminated with unknown

pleasures' gaze. I read not as a
Anatolian Outlaw not as a
Japanese Diva or as
a brief afterimage tearing
under the skin but Our eyes

in talking pictures enzymes
capable of any viral trans
fusing cells of rupture by
which Our polymerase
replicates the data of books

written in search of mystery
on a page as time's shadow
given over to the grin, smile,
smirk to the perpetual swoon
of a kinetic antichrist and

secrets behind the door about
the mechanical age restored
by the fragility of life
with an authoré, her names:
Denis, Costa, Ellison

I am Our audience who
Okazaki has forgotten

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