Monday, April 2, 2012

April Resolutions

As has become my custom (the very idea of resolutions may require it), I failed all of my March Resolutions. Under the most generous approximation possible, I wrote just under 10,000 words in all of March falling short of even accomplishing fifty percent of my stated goal of 20,000 words. I completely forgot to read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and I had to return Heart of Darkness to the library before I finished reading it. Luckily, I found a very cheap copy of Heart of Darkness at Half-price Books and purchased it with the intention of finally finishing.

I have lined up the possibility of a rewarding, full-time job this summer, but I won't know for sure if I have an offer until sometime this week or thereafter and so I consider the job resolution a failure as well. For this month, I have decided to take serial failure as an indication that I need to set more goals for myself in order to increase the chance I may succeed at one or another of them. Here goes:

  1. Write at least 15,000 words.
  2. Complete the first draft of my history thesis by 7pm on April 10th (it is due April 11th at noon).
  3. Read seven books (finishing books I have already started and all books over 60 pages count towards this goal).
  4. Apply for at least ten jobs.
  5. Receive at least one solid job offer that will keep me employed over the summer (or for longer).
  6. Diversify the kind of material I post on this betamax. I would like to generally lower the proportion of posts dedicated to reflections on movies and poetry-overly-conscious-of-itself-as-poetry. Perhaps use HTMLGiant or another site as a template for reform.
  7. Complete the final draft of my history thesis by 11am on April 25th (it is due on April 27th at 4pm).
  8. Waste less time reading pointless but highly amusing snark on the internet.
  9. Watch at least four movies at the Pacific Film Archive.
  10. Read at least three poems by John Ashbery, at least two poems by Jack Spicer, and at least one poem by Rabindranath Tagore.

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