Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Montréal Baroque

Continuing on from Saturday's post about the exciting worlds on display at Johansson Projects, I wanted to acknowledge the wonderfully grotesque illustrations of baroque intricacy that of Montreal uses as album covers. Behold!:

These look like the most fabulous nightmares of my life.


  1. Yeaaaah!

    You missed my favorite though:

    Its supposed to be the idea that if you care about some one enough you can transfer all of your energy into them.

  2. Which album cover is that? I am by no means an expert on them obviously

  3. Its from "Aldhils Arboretum" but its not their best. I only really know one song from it. Theres some fun stuff on, "If He Is Protecting Our Nation," if you do want to listen to old, obscure of montreal though.

    Also, fun fact: most of the artwork
    is done by David Barnes, the brother of the the oM's mastermind, Kevin.