Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long Live Johansson Projects

Another visit to Oakland Art Murmur last week has led me to conclude that Johansson Projects consistently presents the most compelling work among all the galleries I've visited on First Fridays. After February's Body Electric Victorian sci-fi fantasia, they may have topped themselves by displaying the lurid and vertiginous worlds created by Tadashi Moriyama in paintings, sculpture and animation. Like a monster reincarnation of Terry Gilliam and Hieronymous Bosch, Moriyama illustrates an intricate and intertwining panoply of neural degenerations, post-apocalyptic urban designs, classical forms, monetary signifiers, cosmic debris and technological phantasmagoria.

Johansson Projects is an excellent destination for a trip through positively Borgesian imaginations.


  1. I like your perspective :p

    What happened to Miskimin? Bring him back!