Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day-old Krugman

I greedily consume my day-old Krugman while living as a researcher that gets inside the minds of psychopaths. I ├▒eet somethyng, but not quite a work by Hans Henny Jahnn. Rather like The Man Who Lived. I ain't any kind of maven, you know? I'm just bread and butter and blood and soil; I'm halfway through a Craiglist queer recovery. Feeling queasy in this sphere of pure reference. So Letts works towards world's peace, women's rights and a face without freckles. Letts quashed the hoot pop writing session. We thank various machine guns for their roles in this neon charade. Letts fired Miskimin from his supervisory role. But Miskimin, that old confidence trickster, he got rehired to play the role of my beastly manservant. Sway gently the rafters, plumbers, we embrace callipygian vixens.

And I had just finished reading Ten thousand things relating to China and the Chinese : an epitome of the genius, government, history, literature, agriculture, arts, trade, manners, customs and social life of the people of the Celestial Empire.

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