Friday, July 6, 2012

Turkish Travels No. 5

CAPPADOCIA, 5/26/12 -- We ended up on a wild ride to the airport. Some kind of gong show ding dong gumball fuck up caused our shuttle to wait too long at a hotel where we picked up no one before eventually pulling over to the shoulder of the freeway to wait for another shuttle that brought two people the shuttle was supposed to have picked up earlier.

We don't know if the two passengers weren't in the place they were supposed to be or if the shuttle wasn't. The two passengers denied everything and the shuttle drivers explained nothing as they spoke very little English. On the freeway, we got a taste of insane Turkish driving, where passing is a game of chicken and close calls, horns are employed liberally, tailgating is a way of life based on intimidation and anything is fair game on the shoulder.

It didn't help that multiple roads were closed. Each detour ratcheted up the intensity even further.

We made our flight, praise Allah.

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