Monday, November 12, 2012

From the Daily Report of the People’s Attitudes


Today confusion and cynicism are at a high level. There is little mention of the Manufacturing Warrens. A great deal of neurotic chatter is focused on the rumor of further shortages.

1. Today the reaction is probably darker than at any time since the Collapse.

2. There are signs of desperation appearing, for the first time a definite sense among some quite ordinary people that now we cannot possibly recover. As always, many people are trying to be optimistic. They express their faith in an ultimate redemption. Only a few still express that it will be possible to emerge from recent events back to a higher level.

3. It is on the whole assumed by most people that the network backbone will fall. There is doubt and anxiety as to whether or not this would indicate the total breakdown of communication. As usual, there is a lack of opinion leadership from above to guide the people in this grave affair.

4. The Manufacturing Warrens are scarcely mentioned today. Nearly everyone is so unhappy about the situation with the network backbone.

5. In Echelon, people are in a nervous state. But only about 7% are using biomodification. Exceptional attention is being paid to the current, and in recent days it has been a challenge to buy provisions after sunrise, so rapid has the demand been (seven borehole settlements studied regularly).

6. In Aquinas, people seem to be more placid, adopting a wait-and-see approach.

7. In Borehole 4, people are worried about the failure of the network backbone. But they reacted in a relatively reserved manner to periodic bombing heard during the night.

8. Consternation after the current last night could be accessed by relatively few people. A considerable number lost access soon after it started. Those who accessed it wholly seem to have liked it for the most part but rather vaguely. Objections included: the subject addressed lacked sufficient topicality, and the people did not know anything about the speakers - the Secretariat did not make any attempt to introduce the speakers, because of the false assumption that everybody "already knew."

9. Method note for Audience Research: Our recent surveys suggest that many people turn off post-current programming after “giving them a try” or “seeing what it’s like,” etc.

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