Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mistranslation of a Tale of Barbaric Adventure

It's that Eissales was ambushed by abstract warriors
in the dead of a dog
on a foray (Yilmaz told me it was a visit to kin)
Their plan was to sell Eissales to his mortal enemies
(for a price, of course)
Stripped down to the body, tied with leather and stuck in tents
(with only a greenhorn guard idling outside)
Eissales chewed through the straps
Knocked over the guard with a two-finger jab between his head
Stole the knife and scalped the youth
and cut off one of the boy's legs
(all in what Yilmaz related to me as "one swift movement")
After escaping into the Dark Forest
Eissales survived on the leg
'til he reached the cabin of his strapping partner
(a sojourney that would have been two hundred miles in those years)

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