Friday, February 24, 2012

Find Your Way Home Again

Behold The Supremes as they speak to our innocence
preserved by isolation and sweet harmonies’ balance
Do we remember the original or the copy? Are they the same?
the fake fake or poplar tree name brand memory game

Finding a reference book after the apocalypse
I feel as if I'm getting lost in these depths
Watching the parody before the target
You should feel no need to explain the Monet

She flew the bomber at night when no one could see
Poisoned by the singing yawn of manly responsibility
A feminine violence unknown to the little dudes
Outside of wartime without fasting or feuds

I sing of the bodies undeadened by goblets
They walk near cars that ride on the couplet
Some call them zombies - oh no they are right
We view them anothering from our Dreadnought

in hardware honey dew guarding our youth
we discorporate our voices as a goof
The baby, the farting and the earthquakes
The zombies, the children and the urn cakes

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