Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No One Can Be Happy But Me

To speak coherently is human
to talk nonsense divine
or should you say divoon
Let's write a speech about captivity
in the backseat of a peach sedan
the address will say
‘No one can be happy but me’
but with certain exemptions and earmarks
such as a
dirty nickel plated excursion towards
Ah yes aimsol that cloud of lost souls
where is discovered (question mark)
overfabricated words & found languages
aimsol aimsol aimsol ah ah ah
She monstratiated supraneously inberscene
the pudgelled cublic, the ondis martenotes
Fitz boocomon plup aimsol
Givvord umbrel zune fortuna
Cree griega aimsol zune canonical
'Now where is that speech, then,' asked he of the loud sweater,
dragging John Vivien Nancarrow after him by his coattails,
and jabbering the entire time. "Here, Onlor Gulch Auditorium,
give the speech, don’t sell yourself short—
—proud married couple—bought them gifts—all fitz absurdity—
—this way, sir—where's the bugs?—all in jest, I know—forget it—
—war is war—bitter better bug powder—you know my name—
—better odds tomorrow—monstratiate this under the hill—but the umbrel—
—dear rascals."

the outsider walked slowly before arriving at the threshold. There he stood, regarding her

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