Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Brief Catalogue of Imagined Books

The Undulating Earth by Yekaterina Lazarova
Cosmocrat by Darwin Fallon
The Autobiography of Hoover Framingham by Hoover Framingham
The Butterfly Auction by Li Shao
Adam's Fictions by Ray Pinchot
Internal Travel by Alexander Williams Oliver
A History of Snakebites by Frances Perlmutter
Nostalgiac by Hamish Dohr
The Perpetual Fortune by Tia Tula
Unusual Contraption by Eric Tertius
Intention by Tsung-dao Liang
Directions to an Unknown Road by Fox DeMoisey
Season of Amnesia by Zülfü Erdogan
Eddie Notorious by Katherine Eastwick
This Moon's Labyrinth by Jônatas Gusmão
The Dioramic Dynamic by P.C. Bentley Blair

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