Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Requiem for a Dying Planet

I’m the jackass who died on a sunny day
A hot Saturday steeped in solar radiance
Dogs broke free of their leashes
Ladies wore their biggest hats
Everyone laughed with mucho gusto
And I had to go and die

Next day, they started digging and it rained
Not a heavy rain
Just enough to soak the backs of their shirts
A warm, August rain
A rain that aspired to be tropical
On Sunday, they dug my grave and it rained

24 hours later it snowed
Frozen flakes steamed down in furious heaps from above
Layer after layer of dirty vanilla enveloped the sweaty world
Children stayed home from school
Spiders came in from the cold
Men threw shovels up chimneys
Charm bracelets and earthworms adorned my wrists
I consider myself the luckiest jackass in the earth

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