Friday, March 2, 2012

God Code Fractionation Interviews Obviously

B: We used to listen to "The Adventures of Blasto McGee"
and imagine him cleverly foiling the dastardly machinations
of Astro W. Chandler.

N: I remember it was Ralph Dannigan as Blasto McGee - I
really have to credit him for everything in my life
because he made me want to be an astronaut, that was my
interest in space initially.

B: We imagined. We visualized, that's what we did - because
you could only hear. I think that's where it started. That
writerly tendency.

So why didn't you become a visual artist? Like a painter?

B: Well you got me there. I suppose I was trying to create
a God code and you broke it up. Well now, I think...
textualization isn't the write word though. It's visualization...
but it's visualization of text. Do you dream in text?

N: Of course I didn't become an astronaut, but then if I
did I couldn't tell you much about millisecond pulsars.
And I actually didn't stay with the astronaut space adventure
for long, only a couple years. I quickly became entranced
by the deeper phenomena we can see up there.

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