Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cult of Schlock

Circus of Horrors
1960.  88 minutes. UK. Directed by Sidney Hayers. Watchdate: 2/27/2011.
These cinephillic curators whom we have to thank for the best attempts up to this point to direct our attention to lively trash normally consigned to forgotten gutters - they torment us with a persistent problem. In uncovering a potential treasure in the beehives of Netflix, am I simply elevating a low-rent imitation Hitchcock, perverse but uninspired, beyond its proper station? Certainly there are divine moments embedded in Circus of Horrors, but this symphony of mutilation almost seems to court a cult following with its curious bodily obsessions. Perhaps it can be best described as a garishly grim public service announcement about the dangers of hubris in the field of reconstructive surgery.

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