Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colossal Academic

Kahuna Lacuna! This deadly chamber await
Unjumble your face to hear Libidinal Kibitzers

Colossal Academic: the difference is youth
"She fall, she fall," he begrudges Adhesive C-sections

Retina Patina...his latest plan come early
Gruyere, you big bear let Paginated Regiments commence

Fructose Bubbler: Gruyere's gone home Midgewest!
"To the house of yore," dances Barrister Furtively

Umberto Dudley never met her in life
Now gone just as Gruyere & University Depopulated

Had you listened to those Juiced Whiskers
Just Wait! She alive Gruyere out newborn provosts

-- A Kahunal Lacunal Paradiso

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