Monday, March 26, 2012

Miskimin’s Previews

This section is rambling and weird. Please fix this nonsense. (You cannot fix it through a purchase or a password, its just something that burns in your chest.)

Miskimin is said to have been raised inside a globe of video glands. He fought the populace for points, which he would trade in for a toothbrush and other tools in order to acquire more points.


Depending on who Miskimin really was, you may have different objectives. If you want to see the highlights of development, you can do that by building Banana Republic-type stores on a lake of lava in order to conquer or the world or blast off into space. This will be addictive fun, but you will find that you torture yourself with the allure of “just one more turn.”


If Miskimin was an alchemist, the likelihood is that he does not live in this century. In that case, you will have to fight your way through each shared space. Along the way, you will kill enemies like Ghenghis Khan and Alexander the Great by laying railroad track on their heads. You will likely end by ripping off a great novelist in voluminous measures.


Miskimin may be the author of this guidebook, and then you have to question whether he is giving you a fair reading of the games offered to you for surprisingly high prices. Of course, for an untrustworthy narrator to actually tell you directly to your face that he is not to be trusted would take all the fun out of the "Language Arts."


Most people think Miskimin is some kind of revolutionary organism, but they don’t tell him that because they do not want his head getting too big.


The revolutionary organism is characterized by its unpredictable interaction with the environment. Now, what you’re seeing here are three strings: ecological, mythographical -- the development of stories – and physiological – that’s you and me. The problem, for us and for Miskimin, is that what happens is mainly revolution of populations, not so much the revolution of individuals. But this shouldn’t surprise us if we’re looking at the time scales involved.

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