Saturday, March 3, 2012

To Pout or Not to Pout

Never Let Me Go
2010.  103 minutes. UK. Directed by Mark Romanek. Watchdate: 3/23/2011.
While watching Never Let Me Go, I got caught up in it somber dissection of the meaning of love and affection. Its dystopian trappings seemed to exist mostly to further dramatize the choices of its three romantic leads. As Shakespeare knew, young love only becomes tragic when the lovers never get a chance to really grow up. So yeah, as a dystopian vision, it was just another take on The Giver or what have you, but the romance at its center succeeded remarkably. Therefore it was a Very Good Movie. But looking back on it now, all I can remember is extremely attractive people with bad hair cuts pouting for what seemed like the entire duration of the movie.

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